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Terms of Service Agreement

This page contains information about our "Terms of Use", Privacy Policy, " Copyright" and "Communications" policies of Royalty Rendezvous LLC. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using RoyaltyRendezvous.com operated  by Royalty Rendezvous LLC ("us, "we", "our"). Our "Terms of Use" are subject to change at any time with or without prior notice. All users, participants and visitors are responsible for and agree to be solely accountable for not abiding by the "Terms of Use."

About Royalty Rendezvous LLC

Royalty Rendezvous LLC is responsible for organizing and hosting social events referred to as "speed dating" events, "couple's" events "singles parties", "blind date" events, and other "singles events" to introduce adult individuals to one  another for the purposes of creating love relationships, friendships, networking opportunities, or any other types of social relationships.


1. All users and participants must be 21 years or older. You must be able to provide us with a valid state ID, Passport, or other proof of identification upon request.

2. Marital status must be single, divorced, legally separated, or widowed. 

3. Must not be a registered sex offender. If you are a registered sex offender you may NOT register or attend ANY Royalty Rendezvous events, and MUST immediately vacate RoyaltyRendezvous.com. If you have been accused of any sexual offense,  Royalty Rendezvous reserves the right to refuse services.

4. You must not be prohibited by law from using our services

5. You must not be a terrorist or support terrorist groups.

Agreements terms

As a user and participant of RoyaltyRendezvous.com you agree to the following terms: 

1. You agree to the legally binding " Terms of Service Agreement” between all visitors, users, and participants of this site Royaltyrendezvous.com and Royalty Rendezvous LLC. 

2. You agree to allow Royalty Rendezvous LLC to publish your comments about events and testimonials on Royaltyrendezvous.com

3. You agree to allow Royalty Rendezvous LLC to take pictures at any event you attend and post them on RoyaltyRendezvous.com upon consent. Not all pictures will make it on the site.

4. You agree that you will be no more that 2 years older or younger than the recommended ages for our events. If you surpass the age requirement and have already purchased an event, you will be refunded. 

5. You agree that you will not make claims, complaints about, or take judicial action against Royalty Rendezvous LLC before allowing us to rectify and remedy the situation first. You agree that you will contact CEO Jennifer Johnson immediately.

6. RoyaltyRendezvous.com and its contents are copyright of Royalty Rendezvous LLC. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or redistribution of some or all of the contents on this website are strictly prohibited. You agree that you will conduct  lawful and ethical business on RoyaltyRendezvous.com and abide by this clause. 


7. You agree to allow Royalty Rendezvous LLC to collect your e-mails for the sole purposes of sending out promotional information, upcoming events, and sales.

As a user and participant of 

RoyaltyRendezvous.com by Royalty Rendezvous LLC, you agree with you will not:

1. Ask for someone's contact information directly. 

2. Speaking inappropriately, make any sexual advances, harass, inquire about inappropriate topics, touch anyone inappropriately, loiter outside of the event or follow anyone home. 

3. Misrepresent your identity, age, gender, job history, or qualifications.

4. Solicit money, gifts, loans, or any form of compensation from any participants during or thereafter Royalty Rendezvous event.

5. You agree that you will not expect food and drinks included in your event unless otherwise stated by Royalty Rendezvous LLC. 

Criminal or personal identification background checks

Royalty Rendezvous LLC is not responsible for conducting criminal background checks. Royalty Rendezvous LLC also does not conduct personal background check to determine the marital status of our participants. 

As a user and participant of RoyaltyRendezvous.com by Royalty Rendezvous LLC, you agree that you will be responsible for conducting your own backgrounds checks to ensure your safety while dating outside of the events. We are not responsible  should you be matched with an offender or person with criminal history during or thereafter an event. Royalty Rendezvous LLC is also not responsible for any criminal activity that occurs outside of an event.

What To Expect from Royalty Rendezvous 

1.Royalty Rendezvous LLC will make best efforts to ensure that attendees are “matches” that fit your desired interest. However, we cannot guarantee that "singles" events and "speed dating" events will result in "matches". Conversely, Royalty Rendezvous LLC prides itself on customer service and will discount your second event by %50 but you must bring a friend. Discounts are only provided should you not choose anyone on  your “match” card. Discounts are provided once per paid event and you should not expect discounted prices after each event. Your discount will be forfeited after you do not choose a new event in 7 business days. 

2.Royalty Rendezvous LLC agrees that a participant's information will not be disclosed, misused, or sold. will not sell or misuse any Participant's information.  Names and phone numbers will be provided only upon consent of both parties  after they have matched with one another.

3.Royalty Rendezvous LLC is not responsible for stolen, lost or misplaced items left at the venue.


1. Royalty Rendezvous LLC reserves the right to exclude or refuse services to any participant from registering to any of our events for any reason with or without prior notice. A full refund will be provided if registration has been effectuated,  refund Participant's registration fee in full.

2. If you are unable to attend a Royalty Rendezvous LLC event after you have already purchased an event, you must notify us via telephone or e-mail within 24 hours of the event to receive a full refund. Otherwise, your funds will be forfeited.  Royalty Rendezvous LLC has the discretion to make amendments to this clause.   


3. Royalty Rendezvous LLC will be notifying all users, visitors, and participants of cancellations and postponed events. You be refunded for all canceled events if you already paid to register for the event. If an event is postponed, you  agree to attend the new event. If an event is moved to another venue, you agree to attend the event at the new venue. If you cannot attend due to a postponement or venue change, you are required to notify Royalty Rendezvous LLC immediately and you will have  two options: receive a refund for the amount paid or accept credit to attend a similar event on another date.


1. Royalty Rendezvous LLC will only accept charges that have been authorized by you. If you have chosen to report or dispute charges and request a refund from your financial institution, you agree that we are authorized provide documentation  including proof of attendance and proof of purchase to your financial institution. As previously stated, you have 24 hours to notify Royalty Rendezvous LLC that you cannot attend an event. Otherwise, you forfeit your refund.  Should you violate this clause  of the terms and conditions, you agree Royalty Rendezvous LLC may take legal action against you, you are solely responsible for all legal fees for yourself and Royalty Rendezvous LLC, and you will also reimburse Royalty Rendezvous for attending court litigations.

2. If you are unsatisfied with the services that you are receiving or any issues occur with the staff for any reason, please contact the Royalty Rendezvous CEO Jennifer Johnson first so that we can try to resolve your concerns without the  need of judicial assistance. Should you choose to pursue a claim against Royalty Rendezvous LLC, the following terms will apply:

a.  Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating in any way to the agreement including without limitation any dispute concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, enforceability or breach of the agreement,  shall be exclusively resolved by binding arbitration upon a complaint’s submission of the dispute to arbitration. In the event of a dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating in any way to the agreement, you agree to notify Royalty Rendezvous LLC  in writing thereof. Within thirty (30) days of such notice, management level representatives of both parties shall meet at an agreed location to attempt to resolve the dispute in good faith. Should the dispute not be resolved within thirty (30) days after  such notice, the complaining Party shall seek remedies exclusively through arbitration. The demand for arbitration shall be made within a reasonable time after the claim, dispute or other matter in question has arisen, and in no event shall it be made after  two years from when the aggrieved party knew or should have known of the controversy, claim, dispute or breach.

b.  This agreement to arbitrate shall be specifically enforceable. Royalty Rendezvous LLC may apply to any court with jurisdiction of New Jersey for interim or conservatory relief, including without limitation a proceeding to  compel arbitration.

c.  The arbitrator[s] shall have no authority to award [punitive/consequential/special/

indirect] damages. The arbitrators shall [not] be entitled to issue injunctive and other equitable relief. 

d. The cost of the arbitration proceeding and any proceeding in court to confirm or to vacate any arbitration award, as applicable (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs), shall be borne by the unsuccessful  party, as determined by the arbitrators, and shall be awarded as part of the arbitrator’s award. It is specifically understood and agreed that any party may enforce any award rendered pursuant to the arbitration provisions of this Section by bringing suit  in any court of competent jurisdiction. The parties agree that the arbitrator shall have authority to grant injunctive or other forms of equitable relief to any party. This Section survive the termination or cancellation of this agreement.


Privacy Policy

Royalty Rendezvous,LLC created this privacy policy to narrate we utilize your personal information when you use www.RoyaltyRendezvous.com. Please do not use this site if you decline to have your personal information utilized in the following manners.

1. Royalty Rendezvous acquires your first and last name as well as your e-mail address for the sole purpose of communication, sending promotions and upcoming events to you

2. In the event that is a criminal investigation or any judicial litigation, Royalty Rendezvous LLC  may utilize this information to remain in compliance and exercise our legal rights. Conversely, we will do our best to protect the rights of our clients.

3. Royaltyrendezvous.com should only utilized by adults as we do not offer services to children. Children 13 and under are strictly prohibited from entering the site. Parental advisory should be used.

4.Royalty Rendezvous LLC's privacy policy does not apply to external websites that you are linked to on our website.

5.Royalty Rendezvous LLC uses its discretion to make amendments to the policy and provide you with notification within 30 days notice to all clients.

If you have questions about this privacy policy or would like to decline the use of your personal information, please contact us.

For any questions about privacy policy, please contact:

Royalty Rendezvous LLC
90 State St, Suite 700 Office 40
Albany,NY 12207